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We have some exciting news!

Private, philanthropically minded, long term investors have agreed to purchase the Alhampton Inn, subject to contract and on the basis of extending the lease of the premises to our new Community Business Society, being formed by the villagers of Alhampton and the wider community.

As you can see, we’re making great progress. If you haven’t yet responded with a “pledge” please let us know by emailing if you are still thinking about it or if you have decided that it’s not for you.


Save the Alhampton Inn

Over eighty people attended a meeting at Ditcheat Village Hall on Sunday February 12 to discuss plans for reopening the Alhampton Inn as a community pub. Attendees were enthusiastic and the vast majority expressed interest in owning shares. A petition launched at the meeting soon gathered over 120 signatures from both villagers and the wider community. This, along with written testimonials, will be used to support an application to Mendip District Council for Asset of Community Value (ACV) status for the pub and its related property.

Please look at the Facebook Page:

If you were as surprised and disappointed as we were when the Alhampton Inn suddenly closed, I have news. A small group of us are looking at how we achieve our sole objective which is to ensure that the community of Alhampton has a pub in the future and a village asset for us all to enjoy.

At this point there are no decisions and there is nothing to tell you other than that we are exploring many and varied options. To help us we need more information which you can assist us with by answering the questionnaire that follows. Please can you ensure that your responses reach us by Sunday 4th December.

There may be more than one of you at this address including over-18 family members. If you have differing views please feel free to complete more than one response.

We would like future communication to be by email but if this is not possible for you please let us know through the last survey question. We will communicate with you again as soon as we can, having collated the information from your responses.

You can find the survey at

There is an Alhampton Whatsapp Group if you are interested in joining please Contact Us and provide your mobile telephone number.

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