June 2018

Alhampton News

No wonder we always talk about the weather in this country – what a variety we
have had in the last few weeks! At the moment it has settled back into traditional
spring weather but who knows? One result of the recent warmth has been the
sudden fantastic growth of every possible weed in the garden. What a pity they
are weeds because some of them are really pretty.
It has been decided that we are definitely not having a fete this year. Thank you
to everyone who supported the idea with offers of help but there really weren’t
enough to make it a good one and we decided we would rather give it a rest for
a year than end up with a disappointing day. It has been suggested, however,
that we should still run the duck race with a BBQ at the pub and, possibly, some
music. Also, there was a suggestion that we should have a car boot sale
beforehand. This would mean we still have a community event and the chance
to make a bit of money for charity. Plans are still underway but look out for
details. Incidentally, with the exception of last year’s efforts for the defibrillator,
the fete has in recent years raised money for the Air Ambulance. Is everyone
still happy to support them or have you another charity you could suggest we
might raise money for?
I don’t know if this will be out in time but the Morris dancers are visiting the pub
on 29th May from 8.00. I hope they get good weather as it will make all the
difference, I remember going along to a previous occasion when a troop visited
and a friend from the big city declared that it was like being in a film to sit in the
sun, drinking cider and watching the dancers,
Please let me know if you have any news or events that I can mention in future
magazines. I don’t like waffling too much but it’s sometimes hard to find anything
much to write about.
Those of you who have lived in the village for some time will be sad to hear of
the recent death of Maureen Fletcher who used to live at Bakewell House before
moving to Castle Cary. She was always full of life with a ready smile – one of
those people who made you feel that they were glad to see you even when they
were really busy.
Louisa Oborne